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Jennifer hand creates plaster molds from wheel thrown forms and hand pulled handles. This mug set include a one part mold for a mug and a separate mold for casting a solid handle. When the mug is fired it will measure 4.5" tall by 3.75" wide and holds up to
16 oz. The mold is made from Pottery Plaster #1.


Jennifer casts all molds once to ensure quality of the casting. The life of a mold can vary depending on how you care for it. It's recommended to sponge clean it after casting and use a fan and open air shelves when drying in between uses. This mold will cast well for an average of 30 castings. Jennifer casts an average of three mugs a day in one mold. This product is not suitable for a production potter since efficiencies come from having multiples of a mold. This mold is great for someone who is learning about slipcasting and is interested in experimenting without the time investment of learning plaster mold making.


Jennifer highly recommends purchasing the slipcast tutorial if you want to learn her insider tips for casting and assembling handles. Jennifer uses premixed cone 6 English Grolleg slip from Clay Art Center in Tacoma, WA. She recommends contacting your local pottery supply store to learn more about purchasing slip.


Due to the nature of this product, this is a non-refundable and non-returnable purchase. This mold is for individual sale and cannot be used for duplication or resold.


16 oz. mug plaster mold set

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